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Uncle Bob

Bob Chua has been dabbling in magic ever since he was a boy but real life dictated that he had to have a real job. When he retired several years ago from the corporate rat race, he finally had the excuse to turn professional and become a magician.


His big bag of tricks can toss up almost anything—and sometimes, everything—when you least expect it. His versatility and dexterity is evident in his polished performances, be it extravagant stage shows or close up "dinner table" legerdemain. Children shows, balloon sculpturing, and magic lectures are just a few of the many things Bob does.


A frequent traveller, Bob is a familiar face in magic circles both local and abroad, especially those of South East Asia, the United States, and Australia. Mention his name and his contemporaries will launch into lengthy praise of his talent and mastery of magic. 


Presently a life member of the International Magicians Society, Bob stepped down as Vice-President of the Singapore Chapter in 1999 after two years of service. He was also a council member of the Society of American Magicians (Assembly 90) for the 1991-1993 and 1993-1995

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